A New ART LOOK Website

Dear readers and “art lookers.” I am happy to announce a new ART LOOK website will soon be up and running. It will consolidate the various aspects of my art work : Art Look Articles; Painting Galleries; Bio Material; Shopping Cart; and a New Store for purchasing originals, commissions, and giclees of my paintings and drawings.

The Home Page will look something like this:

There will also be a free E-book, “How to Live Better With Art,” given away on the home page for your E-book libraries. In this will be consolidated some of my best articles on Art and some new ones as well.

If you are signed up for receiving these articles on this site now, just visit the site later, which will still be at www.markusray.com , and download the e-book. That will put you on our new mailing list. You will also receive Sondra Ray’s articles on Relationships, Spiritual Matters, and her Lately I’ve Been Thinking posts.

Good things are in store so we can serve you better with our creative work. Www.sondraray.com is also being updated.

I will let you know when the new site is launched. Then you can go over there and get the new E-book and be in the flow of this new energy. THANK YOU for being my “art lover companions.” Keep loving ART with a passion. You can live better with art, as you know.

We have so much to share. Recently Sondra and I saw the show of Cezanne Portraits at the National Gallery. It was deep and moving. Also, we watched great YouTubes on John Singer Sargent and Thomas Eakins. And—I just painted a new commissioned work of “Jesus Smiling” for Lynn Dulyx in Los Angeles.

I look forward to writing these articles on ART LOOK in the next few weeks, as we head off to Europe for 2.5 months.

I am sure there will be a lot to share from there! We will be staying in London near the Tate Gallery. Hope to visit! Then off to Barcelona, Tenerife, Italy, Denmark, Amsterdam, Poland, Estonia, and ending up in Budapest. A lot to share!